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We want you to have a great massage experience and get the results you are looking for (and paying).  This list will help ensure that.  

Have a Great Massage!

1. Don't Sunburn
When your skin is sunburned it becomes inflamed and highly irritated, usually over large portions of your body like the back and shoulders. It's not a good idea to receive a massage while your skin is burned because we have to work through the skin to affect the muscles and also because of the affects to the circulatory system. If you get a sunburn, it's best to just reschedule your massage.

2. Don't "Caffeinate"
Drinking Coffee or caffeinated drinks just before a massage can be enough to prevent you from relaxing completely during your session. In your head you'll likely be making lists and reviewing things from work instead of lounging on a tropical beach watching the waves.  Your body will be tense and will tend to fight against the therapist.  Relax and drink plenty of water before you come!

3. Don't Eat a Large Meal
Our therapy is Thai Style (in most cases) this puts pressure on your back and therefore your stomach.  It's not a good idea to have a large meal siting there because you may feel as if you will pop.  It's perfectly ok to eat a normal meal before you come in.

4. Don't Run a Marathon
We do a LOT of athletes and many come in before and after a major sporting event. Certain sporting events like Marathons, Triathlons, and Extreme Sports are very hard on the body.  Give yourself a day or two of absolute rest before you sic our therapists on your muscles.  Your body will appreciate it.

5. Don't Apply Lotion or Oil
It is smart, courteous and highly preferred that you shower just before a massage. But remember not to apply any lotion or oil to your skin. During your massage, you will be covered in massage lotion or oil which may or may not mix well with your own personal choice for skin moisturizer. 

6. Don't Apply Topical Medications, Patches or Tapes
Any topical medication that you apply to your skin could be spread over your entire body during massage. If you need cooling gels like Biofreeze remember to wait until after your session to apply them. Performance tapes and patches can cause your massage therapist to avoid the area that really needs focus.

7. Don't Take Prescription Pain Medication
If you are in enough pain that you must take medication it is best to reschedule your massage. Muscle relaxers, mood stabilizers, and pain medications can interfere with your perception of pain and/or your ability to communicate with your massage therapist. Any medication meant to thin the blood should also be avoided because of the pressure and increase of blood circulation caused during massage.  

8. Don't Have a Half Empty Bladder!
You might think that's ok because you can "hold it" for hours but during a massage, a lot of fluid is being pushed from your tissues into your bloodstream, and then into your liver and kidneys.  The last thing you want to do is feel like you have to pee when our therapists are stretching you or walking on your back.  It's not only uncomfortable but it will hurt, causing you to tense up and beg to use the restroom. 

That's it.  Hope this helps!

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